Best time to visit the Sundarbans

Sundarbans is a mangrove forest, which means that it is tropical. The Sundarbans forest and it’s hosts country Bangladesh has mainly 3 pronounced seasons- Summer, Monsoon and winter. In the summer time the highest temperature can be up to 40C with not much humidity. It’s usually from March to May. During this time locally formed beautiful tropical storm brings occasional rain. Rainy season starts from late June and continues up to mid October. But the proper proper rain falls in the months August and September. The tropical rain is nothing drizzling sort of- its heavy rain. It can continue to fall for week at one stretch. Average humidity would be about 90%. The north wind starts to cool down the plane from late October. Though the short pick winter is from late December to mid January.

In the tropical winter the temperature actually rarely goes bellow 10C. The midday temperature can be as comfortable as 1520C and then the night can be 10C-12C. And it’s not humid. But because of fog it would be a bit wet during night. And there is no cyclone during the winter months:) So, considering all these the best time to visit this Sundarbans is from late November to mid February. During this time, in the morning for few hours there might be fog, but gorgeous fog. And at night, sometimes the sky would be so clear that you would just lye down and try to find out yourself among the starts. And because of no light pollution it takes you beyond you intend to go. So let’s find an upcoming trip and start to pack up. See you in the wilderness.


But it’s worth to mention that every season has it’s own specialty, like in the summer there is a better chance to have a Tiger Sighting. One reason is because it’s so hot in the forest tigers tends to come to open places or creak or river side where there is a little breeze to cook down. And the second reason probably less human disturbance. The rainy season is about shades of green and types of bugs. If you’re really n explorer and if you talk about adventure- take a trip to Katka in the high monsoon. Katka is at the mouth of the delta. The river finally meets the sea here. Just think about the amount of rainwater coming from all the way to Himalaya and eager to be merged with the sea. It is a lifetime experience just to witness the meeting.