An Unique Tiger Sighting

An Unique Tiger Sighting

Such small cubs were never seen nor photographed swimming across such a big river in Sundarbans.

– Dr. Gertrud Denzau, Wildlife photographer and Sundarbans archivist


The illusive Bengal Tiger occupies quite a few forest in Asia; encompasses different forest types and landscapes; tropical forest, grasslands, hills/mountains and a very unique habitat the Sundarbans Mangrove forest. Sundarbans is the only mangrove forest with a Tiger population. But it is a nightmare for those who wants to see one in this magical forest- tourists, photographers, filmmakers, researchers. Unlike Ranthambar in India or Chitwan in Nepal Sundarbans is undoubtedly the most difficult place to see a tiger, especially on purpose. But certainly when you see one, you will know it was worth.


Sundarbans is a maze of creeks and small to very big rivers and most of the land is muddy due to extreme tidal fluctuation. In every six hours most if the forest gets inundated with brackish water. It’s also called the swamp forest. So the only way to travel and explore through the forest is waterborne. You travel and stay with/on a tourist vessel built for Sundarbans though and in the big rivers. And you explore¬†the mystery with small country boat rowing though the narrow creeks. these silent boat rides are probably the best way to see the beauty and the wildlife, especially the amazing avifauna/birdlife. And this is where a lot of the tiger sightings occurs. At the dawn and dusk the boat would silently flow with the tide going in or out. In every turn you would fell your heart beating faster to exposed to the unknown. And right after one of those turns you would see it, sitting there gorgeously, resting.

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