M.B. Mawali

Mawali, means the Honey Collectors of the Sundarbans. M.B. Mawali is a 13 meters long traditional wooden houseboat with all the basic modern amenities. Mawali’s low heigh gives a more intimate perspective of the forest and its wildlife, while smaller size allows it to venture deeper in to the forest. Mawali is the only boat in the Sundarbans which uses Solar Energy for utility power supply.


M.B. Mawali’s elegant interior and intelligent use of space & lighting is unique. It has 5 beds, out of which 2 are in a separate room. It has a lot of space for luggage and equipment storage. Mawali has one toilet with shower, 2 washbasins and adequate amount of fresh water storage facility. The crew accommodation and crew toilet are at the back of the boat. The engine and a soundproof interior wall separate the guest area and the crew area.



Mawali is suitable for small families, small groups of tourists, bird watchers, photographers, researchers and for a small film crew. Also if you want to have your honeymoon with style, Mawali would be a unique choice. With a less noisy engine and solar powered electricity M.B. Mawali is the most quite and peaceful tourist boat for Sundarbans.

food and water on board

You would be amazed to find out how much can be done in a tiny semi open kitchen like Mawalis’ one. The best part of Mawali’s food is- because of small and intimate group the food menu start to evolve as per the guest liking instead of following a strict preset menu.

Mawali’s top deck is designed as an open lounge with basic setup. Breakfast, lunch and dinners are served here at scheduled times, but there is tea, coffee and snacks available round the clock.

Utility Power

Mawali is the only boat in the Sundarbans which use solar energy for round the clock 220 volt electricity for regular use, like lights, fans, charging laptops, mobile and other gadgets. It has a lots of power outlets and also has a small standby petrol generator for a gloomy day which is nearly impossible in a tourist season, usually from September to April.

Safety, Gadgets and Gears, Crew

M.B. Mawali is equipped with all the necessary safety gears and navigational gadgets like GPS, depth sounder, marine VHF, binoculars for a safe and successful expedition. The boat’s navigation lights and searchlight are regularly maintained and cheeked before every trip. The crew of M.L. Mawali has a lifetime experience working in the Sundarbans waters.

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