Dexter on Mud


The audience/Followers of Dexter, the American TV show, used to see Dexter (staring Michael C. Hall) covered in blood. But here is something for a change- Dexter on Mud!


Michael C. Hall is one of the many star celebrity presenters for an American TV show Years of Living Dangerously, the biggest film project ever on Climate Change issue. The show was produced by a team of star producer including James Cameron. Michael and the film team came to Bangladesh for a 10 days shoot. It was a tough schedule to cover all the locations. Michael was in front of the camera day and night not to mention all the things he had to do to avoid huge crowd of follower in front of the hotel. Despite all the precaution to hide his name from the hotel booking, from the media and all these, it didn’t take long someone spotted Dexter on the street of Dhaka, filming. Next hours it went viral. Most of the time sneaking though the back door of the hotel. Even the enthusiast ones somehow always managed to find the next location of filming. But It was all over when the team traveled to the coastal area for the last leg of shooting.


And finally Michael had a bit of time to see the real beautiful Bangladesh and even he had a bit of time for himself. He enjoyed the unbearable silence of Sundarbans under an October starry night on Bawali, had a wonderful Bangladeshi meal and next morning he throw himself in to the mud and went into a deep mud meditation.


The beauty of that moment was, when the fisherman was passing through Michael, he had no idea who Dexter is; He just went on fishing. And that was one of those rare moments Michael C Hall had in his Bangladesh trip.


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