Our specialty is tailor made trips to the Sundarbans based on your time, interest and budget. But just to start with, here is some trip ideas. You can also use elements from these ideas and cook your own signature trip. You can also look through the UPCOMING TRIPS and try one of those.


Enjoy the festival and the amazing Dubla fishing village. Usual Sundarbans activity in Katka and Harbaria.

20-23 November-SOLD-

This is a basic three days trip to the Sundarbans. It has a little bit of everything; A glimpse of the forest and it's extra ordinary wildlife.

3 Days 2 Nights8-12 Persons

A regular trip with Mawali does not end up as regular, it becomes something more and that is just because of the nature of the boat.

3 Days 2 Nights3-5 Persons