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Frequently Asked

Yes, everyone going in to the Sundarbans reserved forest need a permit from the Forest Department. The tourist permits are issues by the divisional forest office in Khulna, Bagerhat and Sarankhola, depending on which part of the forest you’ll be visiting. We collect all the necessary permit for each trip on behalf of our guests. Foreign nationalities have to provide passport information to get the forest permit.

Yes, the guide and most of the crew speaks English.

Two experienced & armed forest guards always accompany every trips going in to the forest. They are well trained on dealing with tiger situations. Pirates activity (if any) is limited to the forest dweller. In the history of Sundarbans Tourism there is no record of a pirate attack on a tourist vessel.

Yes, most of the American and European nationals’ are eligible for on arrival visa. It’s simple and costs only 50 USD for a month tourist visa. Before you travel we’ll send you an invitation letter to submit at the immigration.