Other than providing services for regular and specialized tourist trips, we are good at two other things- providing complete support for research expeditions and TV/Film crew

Research Expeditions

From the very beginning one of our major part of work is providing services to various research projects, from small scale local research expeditions to international large scale long term research expeditions.

TV/Film Crew

For a TV/Film crew we’re a complete package, from research, film permit(s) to shoot support. Necessities of a film crew was a consideration during the foundation of the organization and building our boats.


Pugmark is official service vendor of Vanderbilt University (USA), Columbia University (USA), Colorado University (USA), Louisiana University (USA) and Birmingham University (UK). We are also affiliated with Southampton University, UK; Dhaka University, Bangladesh; Khulna University, Bangladesh.


Starting from 2012, most the research work was/is long-term in-depth research lead by renowned academics like Professor Dr. Steven Goodbread, Professor Dr. Michael Steckler, Professor Dr. Jonathan Bull, Professor Dr. Kazi Matin Ahmed, Professor Dr. Humayun Akhter, Dr Greg Sambrooks Smith, Dr. Carol A. Wilson, Dr. Kimberly G. Rogers. Most of the work dedicated to achieve better understanding on the formation of this Delta, it’s hydro morphology, sedimentation and the creation of the Sundarbans.


At present we are working with three ongoing projects which will be continued till 2020.


Starting with the BBC series ‘Indian Ocean’ (with Simon Reeve) in 2011, the adventure went on. Till today Pugmark hosted quite a few of BBC films. Including Earth’s Natural Wonders, Seven Wonders of the Commonwealth, Chronicles of Nadyia, Who Do You Think You Are?, The Partition Story, Wild Cats and recently a Newsround- Partition Special for CBBC


We are also proud to be a part of ‘Living Years of Dangerously’, the biggest ever film project on Climate Change. Pugmark, Specially the Captain & Crew of M.L. Bawali was honored to host Michael C. Hall (Known as Dexter and for Six Feet Under).


This year we also did host a film on Sundarbans, Produced by ZED Productions, France and broadcasted on ARTE France.


Pugmark also works with Comic Relief, UK and Red Nose Day, USA for their charity films.