M.L. Bawali

Wood Cutters of the Sundarbans are called the Bawali. But in this instance M.L. Bawali is a 20 meters long fully air-conditioned beautiful tourist boat especially designed and built for Sundarbans Expeditions. Bawali has 3 decks; lower deck is for accommodation, wash area. The master bridge, the main lounge and the kitchen is on the middle deck and the upper deck is for observation and relaxation. A wooden country boat for activities in the forest and a speedboat for emergency use always accompany Bawali.


A boat going in to the Sundarbans forest for days has to be like a floating house, may be more. It needs everything. So the interior has to be designed accordingly. Bawali’s multipurpose main lounge is also the entrance of the accommodation deck/area. Bawali accommodation area is completely separated from the crew area to ensure privacy. It has six rooms and each room has one queen size bed and a bunk bed. The Cozy lower deck lounge also has two extra beds. A separate wash area is at the back of the accommodation deck with enough toilets, showers, sinks, mirrors and flip-flops. The main engine room, crew accommodation/toilets/showers are at the back of the boat.



Bawali is perfect for a family & friend trip up to 12-16 adults and children. The lower deck is perfect as kids’ zone, while the main lounge for the grownups. And for the group in between- go to the upper deck, lie down and look at the stars! It is also an excellent choice for a film crew or a research expedition. Both the lounge area is perfect as work and equipment area. And no other boat in Sundarbans has a better power system like Bawali. The main lounge space is also very useful for a bird-watching trip or a group of photographers. M.L. Bawali is also perfect for high-end business trips.

food and water on board

On Bawali, the chef and his team turns every meal in to a delightful surprise that the culinary experience becomes a memorable part of the trip. Especially after the BBQ you wouldn’t imagine what is going to served as desert. The kitchen is semi open and easy accessible and on top of all it’s clean. Because of that sometime it becomes the family kitchen.

Breakfast, Lunch and dinners are served in the main lounge at scheduled times while there is tea, coffee and snacks available round the clock. Safe drinking water dispenser in both the lounges and there is enough bottled water to carry out for activity or to take in to rooms. With full occupancy Bawali can carry enough fresh water for cooking and for other daily usage on-board for more than a week.

Utility Power

All the utility on-board Bawali runs on 220V AC power. To run air-conditioning and charging professional/heavy equipment Bawali has an excellent silent generator with a built in digital power stabilizing system. For regular use, like lights, fans, television, charging laptops, mobile & other gadgets Bawali has a huge power storage system with lots of power outlets all over the boat.

Safety, gadgets and gears

Bawali was built according to the safety specs. The boat is equipped with all the necessary safety gears. The main bridge has all the essential gadgets like GPS, depth sounder, marine VHF, telemeter, binoculars for a safe and successful expedition. The boat’s navigation and searchlight is regularly maintained and cheeked before every trip. Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority BIWTA certifies the Captain and the Engineer of M.L. Bawali and they have a lifetime experience in the Sundarbans waters.

the captain and his crew

It is told that a boat is as good as it’s crew. The captain, the engineer and most of the crew has a lifetime experience of working in the Sundarbans tourism industry. They all are from Sundarbans adjacent area and they understand the forest as well as it’s visitors. They are ready to serve you round the clock with a smile, even if it is getting an extra blanket at the middle of the night.

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