Exploring the Magical Mangrove!

We believe in the philosophy- Seeing is Believing. And when it comes to Sundarbans that can only be the truth. Sundarbans has the largest tiger population in the world- it is a fact; but only when you actually stand on the ground and only when you follow the trail of a tiger, you will know how it feels, you will hear your heart beating inside and your blood rushing through your veins; you will know what it feels like to be alive!!!



And then when you will ride the gentle tide on a rowing boat through the maze of creeks, you will know the meaning of serenity. The silence will be filled with the sound of a falling leaf whispering to the wind or a Keora fruit falling in to the water or distant splashing of a kingfisher. The time will run so slow that you will actually be able to see the leaf falling or the wind beat of a bird. It is time for contemplation; Savor it as long as you can.


Sundarbans is such a unique place that you don’t just visit; you explore it!!! Which needs special preparation. Sundarbans is not a place that you hire a car; pack up your tent and go. Forest permit, appropriate boat, trained crew and an enthusiastic guide, these are the basic elements you’ll need for a safe and successful Sundarbans expedition. And the good thing is all these are just a click away!


About the Sundarbans

Sundarbans, world’s largest mangrove forest at the mouth of the world’s biggest active delta, where Ganges and Brahmaputra meet the Bay of Bengal. This magical forest has the highest plant and animal diversity than any other mangrove forest on the planet This 10,000 squire kilometers of wilderness is shared by Bangladesh and India. Because of geographical position, fresh water flow and other environmental and climate factor Bangladesh hosts the most bio-diverted part of this magical forest. read more

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