Nazrul Islam Bachchu

Founder & CEO

Nazrul Islam (Bachchu)

Proprietor & CEO

Pugmark Tour and Travels


Nazrul Islam (Bachchu) is a tourism professional with an unparalleled understanding and knowledge of Sundarbans and river based tourism in Bangladesh.

Nazrul started his own tour company Pugmark Tours and Travels only 8 years back in 2010 with a vision to provide international standard service in the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest.

But for his career that was not the starting, that was actually the pick. Nazrul has literally spent his whole professional career in Sundarbans tourism industry. Right after his graduation he started as an apprentice with the pioneer tour company The Guide Tours Limited in 1991 and worked very closely with the Sundarbans tourism expert Mr. Hasan Mansur. Nazrul was born very close to Sundarbans and because his father was a forest employee Nazrul spent his entire childhood and most of his early life inside and around the Sundarbans forest. Which gave him a unique perspective on this forest and it’s people. Combining this unique position with hard work Nazrul became the company’s Sundarbans Operation manager in few years. Eventually he earned his position as a Director of The Guide Tours Limited. During his time in The Guide Tours he was responsible for all the Sundarbans related operation including regular and special trips to the Sundarbans, logistics for number of internationally acclaimed films on Sundarbans including the ‘Swamp Tigers’, In Search of Man-eaters’, ‘Ganges’, Man-Eating Tigers of the Sundarbans’.

Pugmark is relatively a new company. But with Nazrul’s experience and dedication Pugmark earn its place among the best tour operator for the Sundarbans Mangrove forest. Nazrul and Pugmark is proud to be a partner/vendor of number of Universities including, The Columbia University, The Vanderbilt University, The Birmingham City University, The Colorado University and international broadcasters like BBC, NatGeo, Showtime TV, Discovery.

Nazrul was also a key person who made the first ever cruise ship trip to the Sundarbans. He and his team worked with the Silver Cruise intensely for months to make it successful. Pugmark has provided all the logistics including 10 expert Sundarbans Nature Guides for the Sundarbans part of the cruise.

Very recently Nazrul was featured as ‘The Last Insider’ for a special Sundarbans trip declared and organized by internationally renowned Indian tour company Living Roots.