Rash Mela trip

Rash Mela Trip

The “Rash Mela” a popular Hindu festival in honor of lord Krishna and Shri Randhika is observed in the Bangla month of Kartik (October/November). In Sundarbans it takes place at Dubla Island located on the southern coast of Sundarbans and at the mouth of the Ganges delta, where a branch of the holy Ganges unites with the sea.


Dubla is known as a center for landings of sea fish from the bay of Bengal. Thousands of fishermen are involved here in catching, unloading, sorting and drying fish during the winter months. They make temporary house and suddenly it becomes like a village buzzing with activities round the clock. During the Rash Festival (usually in November) Hindu pilgrims and all kind of visitors comes here to observe the ritual and the festivity. At the time of full moon (Purnima) the devotees line up on the water edge before sunrise and wait for the high tide to come and take their offerings in to the sea. Afterwards they take a “holy dip” to receive their blessings.


Every year Pugmark takes tourists, photographers, amateur filmmakers to Dubla Island to experience the festival. Usually it’s a 3 days 4 nights trip which includes some general Sundarbans activities like Silent Boat Trip in to the Creeks other than experiencing the festival. For another reason this is also a unique trip. It allows you to experience the huge and amazing fishing activity and experience the unique life of the fishermen. And the whole place is so photogenic that even a amateur photographer could spend days/weeks here. And finally if you are a dry-fish lover- Dubla is your Heaven!!!

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