Bird-Watching trip

Bird-Watching Trip to the Sundarbans

Sundarbans has more than 250 species of birds including some mangrove specialists. Probably no other forests on the planet hosts 8 species of kingfishers alone. Sundarbans proudly support a very rare and illusive bird, the masked fin foot. White bellied sea eagle, Changing hawk eagles, crested serpent eagles, mangrove pitta, 8 species of woodpeckers, 3 species of bee eaters are commonly seen. The Sundarbans is a haven for bird watchers not only for the number and variety of birds also because of their amazingly diverse habitat. Thick forest, different size of creeks, mudflat, muddy ground, sand dunes, beach, rivers, sea, you will never be bored.


You can do bird watching in the Sundarbans probably for weeks if not months without getting tired of discovering new ones. But lets start with a week or 10 days.


Bawali can have 12+ people and Mawali can have 4-5 people comfortably. During the trip it will explores the lively creeks and forest of Katka and Kachikhali; Vast mudflat of egg island and bird island; long and beautiful sandy beach from Badamtala to Kochikhali; Dubla fishing island; Hiron point and Laudobe, a boundery village.


The service will include a wooden rowing country boat and boatman for creek exploration, a speed boat for emergency use, Specialist guide. We will organize all the necessary forest permits.

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