Bonbibi Festival

Bonbibi Festival Trip

The locals who enter the Sundarbans forest for resource extraction(fish, crabs wood ,palm leaves , honey ,wax and other minor forest products) need protection from dangers, in accordance with and old mythology they pray to the forest goddess ‘Bonbibi’, who freed a poor boy (Dukhe) from the sway of a tiger, an embodiment of the evil with name ‘’Dakkhin Roy. Although Bonbibi was a Muslim lady, originating from Mecca, she is worshiped by Hindus, while Muslims tend to regard her as a saint.


Along the forest edges and within the adjacent Hindu villages small shrines with clay figurines are built in her honor, Once in a year, often in January, it’s time to inaugurate her new statues that goes along with reading Bonbibi’s full story by a priest, with offering and prayers (Bonbibi puja). Some villages organize a Bonbibi Mela (fair ) and a Bonbibi Jatra (theater) at the same day, an occasion of joy and happiness for all the family members.


Best place ti visit to experience the festival is Laudobe and Ghagramari village, situated on the center northern boundary of Sundarbans, Not very far from Mongla. It can even be a day trip from Khulna/Mongla- Laudobe- Khulna. While you’re planning this trip please consider an extra 2 days to venture right into the forest.

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